Southsea Food Festival 2018 with Staggeringly Good Beer


We brought three of our kitchen favourites to Southsea Food Festival 2018 and featured Staggeringly Good beers on the cart! Juicy rolls, flavourful loaded fries, and top local brews, slung all day in the seaside sun. Paradise.

Southsea Food Festival has become something of an annual traditional for Need Street Food, a la Victorious Festival — it was one of the first events we ever attended.

Our stuff goes hand-in-hand with Staggeringly Good’s brews, and we later joined them at their own festival, WarriorFest, hosted aboard HMS Warrior in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. They served up four of their dinosaur-inspired beers at Southsea Food Festival 2018. We may have had a few as the evenings rolled in...

As always, 10% of our profits from the show funded shipments of life-saving food to children in need overseas! 🔥

Southsea Food Festival Need Street Food
Southsea Food Festival Need Street Food
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