Our merchandise ethics


Our manufacturer is fundamentally different in their approach to ethical, sustainable clothing. You can rest assured that you’re looking good, doing good, and shopping good.


organic cotton = higher-quality clothing that’s softer and better for the environment and anyone on the supply chain

Organic materials. A wind-powered supply chain. Low-waste ink technology. These are the ways we kick CO2 to the curb.


The traceability of our products is completely open. We know every step of the supply chain and shipment.

Change happens when we all try together, in any way we can. That’s why Need Street Food and our merch exist. 

Tracing the source of our clothing

We’re ridiculously excited to be working with a clothing manufacturer and printer who cares so much about the source of their products, they make the traceability completely open. The map below shows the exact route each organic item of clothing follows in its journey to the factory floor, before they end up in our hands. And yours, subsequently.